SHC Advisor manages buying and selling operations of companies (M&A), assisting and supporting the Customer in achieving the strategic objectives set.

SHC has transversal skills and works in collaboration with a network of National and International operators with proven experience. This allows in providing integrated consulting services in the strategic, managerial, legal, administrative and fiscal fields.


Business Partners

Matteo Loli

Matteo has gained experiences in Corporate consultancy in the field of M&A transactions with particular reference to company valuations, Economic and Financial analysis both in the service and industrial production sectors.

Matteo Alaimo

Matteo has extensive experience as a consultant to important National and International Groups in tax, corporate and extraordinary finance fields. In the last decade he has focused particularly on M&A operations.

Stefano Bertolini

Stefano for over 26 years has managed, as CEO, various Companies and industrial Groups in Italy and Abroad. He currently deals with corporate, banking, and extraordinary finance operations.

Felice Penserini

Felice has been working for over 25 years in the Pharma sector where he has been involved in Pharmaceutical Logistics and, in particular, the “last mile” supply chain of private and public pharmacy retail. For some time he has been engaged in M&A and large-scale aggregation operations of pharmaceutical retail.

Tino Sormani

Gianbattista has developed his career with managerial roles in important International Companies (Sales, Marketing and General Management). Later he became an entrepreneur by acquiring an Italian Company, with foreign activities, operating in the pharmacy sector.

Eugenio Ferragina

Eugenio is a Mechanical Engineer expert in International marketing. For over thirty years he has managed important Italian and German companies as CEO and General Manager.

Paolo Giuseppe Busnelli

Paolo has gained experiences in the B2B world and today he is a business consultant specialized in Start Up, Commercial Development and Business Crisis, partner of Circular Innovation and Advisor for SHC – Merge & Acquisitions and Kilpatrick Executive Search.