Transactions Experts

SHC Advisor provides support services in Corporate Holdings transactions and Companies aggregations.
Whether it is sales or acquisition assistance, the macro areas of intervention of SHC Advisor are mainly the following:
Company Valuation
Analysis and Definition of the transactions structure’s
Definition of the strategic plan
Search for potential partners
Advice & Assistance in the entire negotiation process
Consultancy after closing deal
SHC Advisor provides skills, pragmatism and communication skills, peculiar characteristics of our team, as well as a network of national and international relationships that allow the customer to benefit from a business experience in a protected and confidential context.
Our usual interlocutors are primarily but not limited to institutional investors as well as the following:
  • Industrial and Commercial Operators
  • Investment Funds
  • Family Office
  • Club Deal
We also boast a consolidated relationship with important Law and Tax Firms, specialized in M&A transactions, whom we usually work in Team with.