Experience at your service

Buying or selling a Company is a long & difficult psychological process.
The buyer and the seller are the protagonists of this process and find themselves in one case, selling a part of their personal and/or
professional life, in another case spending significant time stressing over the uncertain future.
During this process it is essential that these protagonists are supported by people who can guarantee them professionalism, but above all, who support them along the way to overcome all those technical, negotiation and emotional obstacles that stand in the way of the desired positive conclusion.
We, SHC Partners, have gone through these experiences as protagonists. We have bought and sold our Companies and we are aware of the obstacles, the “down” moments and the “up” moments that arise during the process.
In addition to the technical know-how, we believe that the added value of our approach lies in the ability to understand the customer, understand their strengths and fears that are likely to exist, share them and overcome them, trying to obtain their maximum satisfaction. It has happened to us many times that, despite the term of the assignment, the customer has consulted us as his trusted people and this represents the greatest success for us.